Removable Dentures

Removable Dentures (Deflex Unbreakable Dentures)

Unbreakable deflex dentures are the thermoplastic-made form of the pink palate portion. Since base metal is not used in these dentures, they are very successful aesthetically. Since they are light, permeable and transparent pink, they meet patient expectations quite well. Deflex unbreakable dentures never break when they are dropped by the patient and compressed by chewing. They need to be bended like bending a wire again and again to break.

Removable Dentures
Removable Dentures

Deflex Temporary Dentures

It is very easy and aesthetic to solve temporary problems with deflex unbreakable dentures.

Removable dentures are divided into 3 groups

Total Dentures

If the patient lost all the teeth in his/her mouth, total dentures should be done In recent years, the total dentures are not the only chance for toothless mouths anymore. Implants installed in the jawbone and dentures prepared with the support of them now give a feeling to the patients such as chewing with their natural teeth and this makes the dentures frequently preferred.

Partial Dentures

They are dentures which are attached to the fixed healthy teeth with the help of special precision attachments with the aim of replacing the missing teeth in the mouth, which artificially made teeth are put in place of your missing teeth and which are removable by the patient.

Precision Attachment (Snap) Dentures

They are also applied to partially toothless mouths. The system used instead of the metal parts which are used to keep the dentures stable and called clasp is called precision attachment. They have a more aesthetic appearance than partial dentures.

Cleaning of the Dentures

Cleaning of removable dentures is performed with some cleaning agents. Dentures are cleaned through effervescent dental tablet solved in water. If there is no denture cleaning agent is available, the dentures may be cleaned with a toothbrush or denture brush. Besides these, partial removable dentures may be taken out of the mouth and after cleaning the teeth in the mouth, the dentures are cleaned and replaced into their locations. However, in total dentures, it is sufficient for the patient to take out the dentures from his/her mouth and cleanse his/her mouth.

Why should you clean your dentures daily?

Daily cleaning is important to prevent the formation of plaque, food debris and tartar which may cause the following problems:

To specify what we should do to keep dentures clean;

  • Keep food debris away by washing your dentures with water after every meal.
  • After certain meals, especially before going to bed, brush your dentures on a regular basis. This process prevents the formation of plaque and stains.
  • Water and various toothpastes or denture care products are used during brushing procedure. Abrasive powders should not be used. Otherwise, the surface of the dentures is scratched and debris begins to accumulate on these surfaces and colour.
  • You should take care to clean all the surfaces of your dentures.
  • Occasionally, you may keep your dentures in special prosthetic fluids. You should use your dentures which is exposed to chemicals after washing with water.
  • Stains and tartars penetrated into the dentures may only be cleaned with ultrasonic devices by a dentist.
  • The most effective way to keep the dentures clean is daily brushing and keeping in chemical liquids a few times a week.
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