Aesthetics and Orthodontics

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

Correction of your teeth with orthodontic treatment makes your smile beautiful and makes you feel better. This treatment also protects your oral health. When your teeth are crowded, they are harder to brush and more prone to tooth decay and gum problems.

What Is Orthodontic Appliance?

Orthodontic appliances are appliances which are used to correct irregularities in the alignment and bite of your teeth.

How Many Types of Orthodontic Appliances Are There?

The appliances used in orthodontic treatment have two types:

Fixed orthodontic appliances. They consist of the brackets adhered to the teeth and the dental braces fixed on them.
Removable orthodontic appliances. These are appliances which the patient can remove and place by himself/herself. Treatment with removable appliances is cheaper than one with fixed appliances. But they cannot be used in every case. They can be particularly used for children between the ages of 6 and 12.

Two types of braces are used in orthodontic treatment. One of them is metal braces. The second one is made of tooth-colored porcelain or plastic. It is not noticeable unless looking very closely and so it avoids aesthetic disturbances which may occur during the treatment.

When to Start Orthodontic Treatment?

Generally, in children, orthodontic treatment is started when all the “milk” teeth have been replaced by the permanent ones. However, in some special cases, it may be very important for treatment to be started earlier to prevent complications from developing later and to take advantage of the growth of the jawbone and face.

I’m an Adult. Can I Still Have Orthodontic Treatment?

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Yes, it is possible. You are never too old for orthodontic treatment. However, since bone mass is higher in adults, treatment may take a little longer.

How Long Will Orthodontic Treatment Take?

The duration of treatment depends on many factors. One of them is the severity of your orthodontic problem. For treatment to be completed successfully and in the shortest possible time, you should follow your dentist’s instructions and not disrupt your control appointments.

Will There Be A Lot of Discomfort When I Am Wearing Braces?

Initially there may be some discomfort. However, your lips, cheeks and tongue will soon get used to them and you might even miss them when they are finally removed!

Will I Be Able To Brush My Teeth When I Am Wearing Braces?

Of course! It is very important that you brush regularly so that you do not develop gum problems and cavities in your teeth.

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics Jawbone is considered to be as hard as a rock. However, it is less hard during the development process and a pressure applied from various directions can direct the development. That is to say, the development direction of jawbone can be changed with a pressure in various directions. Likewise, a pressure applied to the teeth can also change their location and position.
Orthodontists, by taking advantage of this property of the bone, allow your jawbone and teeth to settle into the correct location and position.

How Will Orthodontic Treatment Affect My Life?

When you start orthodontic treatment, you can do anything you could do before. However, since some foods (chewing gum, acidic beverages, very hard foods) may damage the orthodontic appliances in your mouth, you may experience a restriction on only this. But, as a result of these restrictions, you will achieve a much more beautiful and bright smile and healthy teeth.

Are There Any Risk Factors When Receiving Orthodontic Treatment?

Some patients may be allergic to the material the orthodontic appliances are made of. However, this is a very rare situation and your orthodontist will notice the allergy and take precautions before it becomes serious.

Can adults have orthodontic treatment?

Absolutely. Many people don’t undergo orthodontic treatment during their adolescence. Until a short time ago, orthodontic treatment was not well-known and common. Therefore most of the adults have dental and gum problems, and are not satisfied with their smile. Some people, although they orthodontic treatment, experience such a problem because they didn’t use supportive and relapse-preventive appliances until the development process was finished. However, through awareness of families and the advances in dental technology today, the necessity and importance of orthodontic treatment is now better understood. Eventually, today 25 percent of the patients undergoing orthodontic treatment are adults.
Is there any age limit for orthodontic treatment in adults? No. There is no age limit for orthodontic treatment. With increasing age, orthodontic appliances take effect more slowly. But today the number of individuals over the age of 60 who undergo orthodontic treatment has been gradually growing. Because, with increasing age, we have to take more care of our health and oral health is a part of this.

Why Do Adults Undergo Orthodontic Treatment?

Many adults undergo orthodontic treatment. Because taking care of your smile is a part of taking care of your health. Aesthetics and orthodontics are interrelated issues.
Orthodontic treatment not only allows you to have a better smile. On the other hand, it allows you to have a better-working and more healthy tooth alignment and jaw joint by fixing the relationship of the teeth with each other.

What Are The Health Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment in Adults? When your teeth are crowded, they are harder to clean. Therefore, gum disease and tooth decay occur more easily. Eventually, you will lose your teeth. Orthodontic treatment prevents tooth loss.
Chewing is the start of digestion. If you do not chew the food enough, the rest of your digestive system will have to work much harder. Orthodontic treatment prevents premature aging of your digestive system.

Alt ve üst dişler birbirleriyle bir anahtar kilit ilişkisi içindedir. Çapraşıklık durumunda ise bu ilişki bozulur ve bazı dişler diğerlerinden daha önce temas eder. Bunun sonucunda da çiğneme sırasında erken temas eden dişlere çok daha fazla yük gelir. Daha fazla yüke maruz kalan dişlerde ve çene ekleminde sorunlar oluşabilir. Ortodontik tedavi bu sorunları da önler.
Yetişkinlerde Yapılan Ortodontik Tedavinin Gençlerde ve Çocuklarda Yapılanlardan Farkı Nedir?

Upper and lower teeth are in a key-lock relationship with each other. In case of crowding, this relationship breaks down and some teeth touch before the others. As a result of this, during the chewing function, the teeth touching before the others have a heavier masticatory load. In the teeth and jawbone exposed to more load, problems may occur. Orthodontic treatment also prevents those problems.

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What is the difference of orthodontic treatment in adults from the orthodontic treatment in teenagers and children?

Actually they are almost the same. There are only minor differences. One of those differences is the duration of treatment. With increasing age, recovery potential decreases, bone reconstruction gets slower. Since the teeth move more slowly, treatment takes longer.
Another difference arises when jawbones are wider or narrower than normal. In growing children, jawbone is more conducive to expansion, taking forward or backward. However, since the bone structure hardens with increasing age, these produceres are performed surgically in adults.

How Will Orthodontic Treatment Affect Me?

Initially, it is more difficult for adults than for teenagers to get used to orthodontic treatment. However, after sufficient time for adaptation elapses, the orthodontic appliances in your mouth will not discomfort you.
Since tooth movement is more difficult in adults, it may be a little more discomfortable than in children and young people. In addition, in some cases, the surgical operations that should be done may increase the discomfort. But, the surgical operations are done under local or general anesthesia and your doctor minimizes your discomfort by suggesting effective post-operative painkillers.
Is It Possible To Prevent Orthodontic Appliances From Ruining My Appearance?
Of course. Thanks to the developments which have emerged in the dental technology over the last 20 years, it is possible to get rid of the metal look we are used to see in those who undergo orthodontic treatment. Tooth-coloured porcelain or plastic brackets prevents you from being disturbed by how you look during the treatment.

Can Orthodontic Treatment Be Done On All Adults?

Unfortunately, no. Some adults may have gums which don’t allow orthodontic treatment. You should consult an orthodontist to determine whether you are suitable for orthodontic treatment.

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