Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)

Office Bleaching Application

Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)

When it comes to our teeth, their whiteness has always been regarded as an indispensable element of health and aesthetics. Although the whiteness of our teeth doesn’t mean that they are healthy, whiteness is still an indispensable element of aesthetic dentistry. Our teeth are living tissues which are in relation with the external environment and affected by it. Many things we eat and drink have an effect on them. We can rank coffee, cigarette, tea among those of the top priority. Besides, depending on our genetic and physiological structure, the use of tetracycline antibiotic during tooth development in childhood may cause coloring in our teeth. We should note that it is very important to have a dentist check-up every 6 months periodically. Dental scaling which is applied to you by your dentist is a completely different treatment than whitening. In this treatment bleaching is not done, it is intended to maintain the health of periodontal tissues (gums, jawbone, teeth fibers) and the natural colour of your teeth is revealed. (see.periodontology) Teeth whitening is a totally different approach to this treatment. Teeth whitening is the entire process of turning tooth shades into white.

With the development of dentistry, many agents have been developed to whiten the teeth. Today, when compared to previous periods, it is now possible to provide a highly noticeable whitening on the teeth. As a basic principle, discolouration penetrated into the enamel structure is removed without any damage to the enamel structure and the structure is reinforced with oxygen. This reduces the risk of recycling and besides doesn’t have a negative effect on dental health. You can whiten your teeth in a short time in the clinic or with special appliances prepared for you in your house or by using both methods depending on your doctor’s decision of conformity. A frequently-made mistake is trying to bleach the teeth with uncontrolled and unchecked products released to the market. These products can be agents which are unlikely to whiten the teeth irreversibly and which cause hardly repairable damages in enamel. So, we should make dental decisions with our dentist without forgetting the fact that our teeth are living tissues.

Home Bleaching (Whitening)

Home bleaching is a whitening application done by the patient at home. Required application tools and chemical agent to be applied are supplied to the patient by the dentist. The desired whiteness is usually achieved in 3 to 4 sessions. It is applied to reinceforce office bleaching in general.

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