Mouth And Tooth Care
Mouth And Tooth Care

Early prenatal diagnosis is very important from the aspect of tooth illnesses and protection of tooth health. For this reason, at least twice examination of a dentist a year is recommended. For prevention of teeth corruption, brushing teeth regularly with tooth paste including flouride, the use of teeth ropes, avoiding eating extremely sweet and sugar food or ultimately brushing when these are eaten, going to controls of a dentist are main implementations. In preventions of tooth flesh illnesses, brushing teeth and regular dentist controls are important.

Technique of Brushing Teeth

The most efficient way to protect our teeth is brushing regularly. The first step of tooth brushing is choosing right brush. Variety of and attractive made products are available in the market. While making a choice, you should pay attention to buy products that have been approved and that are adviced by your dentist.

In tooth brushing, main movement is the same excluding the position of the brush. The brush is located pitched to line of tooth flesh. Not deforming this position, teeth are brushed with little circular movements. Then, brushing is continued by shifting the brush for a brush length.

Brushing the tooth flesh is another process in tooth brushing. Brushing needs to go on in haemmorhaic tooth flesh. Since, at ailing tooth flesh arteries have got plump because of spoilt circulation, and for treatment capillaries need to be opened, brushing needs to be done. So, arteries of tooth fles recover themselves and also bleeding stops.
Later inner spaces of teeth are brushed the same way. In this process, holding the brush inclined, the brush is moved from tooth fles to mouth space.

Then, the flat chewing surfaces of teeth are brushed as the brush is moved straight forward and back. The brushing process is to be at least 2 or 3 minutes and required to be done at least for twice a day. Teeth shouldn’t be pressed too much since these kind of extreme forces or very hard brushes may cause corrosion on teeth.

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