Treatment of Implant

What is dental implant treatment and how is it carried out?

Treatment of Implant
Treatment of Implant

Dental implant is artificial tooth root which is placed in jawbone in place of the tooth lost due to any reason. It is usually made of titanium which is the most concordant material with the body tissue, hypoallergenic and forming the least reaction. The purpose of the implant is to provide the patients an easier use and a better asthetics result in case of lack of teeth. It is performed by surgical methods. With an operation lasting about 30-60 minutes and done under local anaesthetic, the implant (bolt) is placed into the jawbone. Whether single tooth or multiple teeth are missing, or in total edentulism, if there is adequate bone structure to place implant, implant can be used in every case. In case of inadequate bone structure, the formation of adequate bone structure is provided with advanced surgical techniques and then implants can be performed.

The Conditions Under Which Implant Is Performed

  • Situations where there is one or more tooth missing and situations in which the excision of the teeth next to the cavity in the jaw is not requested to make bridge.
  • Situations in which the rearmost tooth of the jaw is not available and therefore the bridge cannot be made. Since most of the patients in this situation do not want to use removable (detachable / hooked) dentures, implant supported porcelain bridge which is more practical can be used by placing an implant
  • Situations in which it is not possible to use total dentures (denture) in the completely toothless jaws or not requested by the patient. In this case, by placing one or more implants into the jaw according to the bone, dentures in a variety of styles are built on top of these implants.
Treatment of Implant
Treatment of Implant

Treatment Stages of Implant Placement

Implant treatment consists of three phases. Surgery stage, healing process stage and superstructure stage. After the implants are placed surgically, the process of healing and bone formation around implants lasts 2 months for lower jaw implants and 3 to 4 months for upper jaw implants. This waiting period is the period called osseointegration and required for the jawbone to biologically fuse with the implant. This period can vary by surgical procedure, differentiation of the methods of adding bone meal and transplanting living bone and advanced surgical methods and surface properties of the implants used as a short time such as 1,5 months and as a long time such as 6-10 months.

Does it hurt to place dental implant?

Dental Implants are placed inside the jawbone under local anesthesia. Thus, since the area is numb, you do not feel pain during the procedure. You may feel a little pain when the effect of the local anesthesia goes wears off after 3 to 4 hours. As this pain varies from person to person, it is never unbearable. To reduce this pain, the dentists of Mustafa Tuncer Dental Clinic will give you prescription and post operative checklist in writing.

Is implant treatment expensive?

Whether or not the materials used are special and whether or not high technology is needed for high-quality implant manufacturing determine the cost of the treatment. In implant treatment, since healthy teeth are not touched, when implant is compared to a high-quality denture, there will not be a big difference in cost. Actually given the fact that implant treatment is longer-lasting, it will become cheaper than the other options over time.

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