Root Canal Treatment

Healthy teeth are made of crown (intraoral part) and root or roots. There is a tissue in the inner side of the teeth called ‘pulp’ that is made of blood vessels and nerves, which feeds the tooth. The pulp tissue in sick teeth is damaged due to caries, gum diseases or trauma or is infected. Sick teeth may cause symptoms such as pain, swelling and they may be completely asymptomatic. Canal treatment is the treatment for keeping the teeth of which pulp is infected or damages are kept in mouth and returned back to its health. It is the procedure of making the teeth more healthy by removing the pulp and filling the cavity of pulp with canal filling substances, removing the factors that cause caries and other diseases, mechanically cleaning the area and eliminating the infection and filling the cavity of pulp entirely until the edge of the root.

  • Cavity is opened for removing the pulp after decay is cleaned.
  • Canals of the roots are cleaned mechanically and chemically.
  • Root canals are filled and tooth is restored.
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