Our Policlinic

Our mission as Mustafa Tuncer Dental Clinic

Communities unite with love, live with fairness, keep up by working honestly.

As Mustafa Tuncer Dental Clinics Family, in our nearly 10 years service life, we have managed to become a family with both our patients and our good-humoured personnel for dental treatments.
Within this period initiated by our founder Dentist Mustafa Tuncer with the principle “treat people the way you want to be treated”, Mustafa Tuncer Dental Clinics, in the light of technology, 10 years experience and knowledge, improves the service quality day to day by continuing its development, innovation and expansion.
As we said, “We are a family with our patients, and it is important for us that our family smile.”

Our polyclinic was founded with the efforts of our dentist and founder Mustafa TUNCER in 2005, and still continues its dental services by following the technology and expanding its wide personnel network consisting of dentists, dental technician, auxiliary personnel. In our polyclinic adopting the understanding of hygiene with our quality and services we offered, all dental treatments excluding advanced orthodontic treatment are performed carefully. Also, within the scope of our clinic, all prosthetic works are made personally by our dental technician. Our think-tank organized with the understanding of “We stand behind the service we provide” is striving to increase its service quality ever passing day by following the technology.

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